StroemungsRaum - High performance computation for realistic applications

Novel Exascale-ready methods with heterogeneous hardware components for Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations in the Stroemungsraum platform.

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The StroemungsRaum Project

Combining Efficient, Robust and Verified HPC-Software

Available HPC methods need to be executed ressource-efficiently and need to exploit the performance of future Exascale computers. Integration of these techniques into application software accessible by non HPC-Experts is crucial to deliver these huge computational benefits to relalistic applications. The open-source software FEATFLOW, developed at TU Dortmund University which is a central component of the StroemungsRaum that is successfully used by the industriual partner of the project IANUS for years is the integration platform for our HPC techniques.

High Performance Numerics
Exascale Ready
Industrial Applications
Our Expertise

StroemungsRaum High-Performance Computing

Sustainable Performance Engineering

Support of future and current hardware developments by using performance model aided algorithmic co-design.

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Scalable Multilevel Methods

Increase the scalability of existing methods by tailoring them to new parallel architectures and by novel decomposition schemes.

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FROSch - Domain Decomposition

Fast and Robust Overlapping Schwarz (FROSch) domain decomposition can extend the scalability of fluid solvers to exascale levels.

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Parallel In Time Integration

Coupled space and time parallelization on supercomputers, to develop new parallel-in-time integrators increase scalability.

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Supercomputers & Acceleration Hardware

Performance studies of the fluid solvers on high-ranking clusters, GPUs and new architectures provide insights to algorithmic design

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Stroemungsraum for Industrial Applications

In the StroemungsRaum framework the newly developed software can be tested in complex industrial applications.

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